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Innovative Robotics – Embedded in Robotic Technologies

The adoption of robotic technologies by businesses in the industrial environment exploded early in the pandemic and accelerate the growth of robots.

-Technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), & big data will continue to drive the robotic revolution. By implementing robot technology, businesses are able to benefit from automation while still utilizing employees’ valuable skills to increase operational efficiency.
Challenges of Robot System Design
Whether industrial robots or autonomous robots – vision, AI, and sensor fusion with functional safety are key technologies to enable these robot systems. With the rising challenges of developing robotic solutions safer, more sustainable, and more intelligent, robot builders and OEM customers are looking for industrial computing hardware that can perform in harsh environments. This hardware not only handles critical conditions such as vibration, humidity, and temperature but also needs to meet requirements regarding computing power, real-time computing & communication, thermal management, and safety regulations. These are all important factors for reliable and maintainable robot control systems

Shorten Time-to-Market with FuSa-certifiable HW
Functional safety is critical for many modern robotic applications and will become even more important when innovations in robotics that deliver optimized functions are also enabling close collaboration between humans and robots in the same workspace. When a robot fails, there is a risk to the surrounding workers, product safety and public safety. Therefore, mitigating safety risks under these conditions will become a fundamental requirement that is considered an integral part of robot system design. congatec offers functional safety- certifiable computer modules to help robot builders and OEM customers shorten the time to market. Computer-on-Modules can be utilized as an application-ready building block including relevant software components such as bootloader, hypervisor and BSP that is already certifiable for functional safety and receive the support and documentation from congatec to speed up the development cycle.

Easy safety management with hypervisor capabilities
Hypervisor support from Real-Time Systems makes the embedded computer technologies from congatec even more attractive to robot builders and OEM customers. It allows multiple operating systems to be installed on a multicore x86 platform without impacting real-time capability. An embedded hypervisor allows systems to run separate and isolated OSs, such as Linux, Windows, and QNX, on a single multicore x86 processor. This is important for ensuring safe mixed-criticality workloads when designing the system with functional safety to separate safety-critical tasks from other tasks and allows more computing power to be executed at a higher level of efficiency on a single piece of hardware with low latency.

Simply AI and 3D machine vision development
While sensor fusion helps robots to be more accurate, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can help make robots intelligent. Incorporating AI into robot systems can help enable robots to intelligently perceive, make decisions and perform tasks. A robot with AI capabilities can intelligently detect the object and its position, to take action accordingly. congatec’s COM Express modules provide the demanded performance scalability from Intel’s low-power to high-end processors. Combining Intel’s heterogeneous processor technology with Intel’s OpenVINO™ AI toolkit offer deep-learning models, device portability, and higher inferencing performance with fewer code changes to accelerate AI application development.

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