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Cleaning and Adhesive Change of PUR Laminators

A fully functional melting unit and roller application system are of major importance for a smooth and reproducible adhesive application. The cleaning effort varies depending on the application system and unit and depends largely on the type of adhesive used. It is recommended that the application system to be cleaned before any downtimes and adhesive changes, and Jowat supplies a range of flushing agents and cleaners for that Purpose.

The subsequent cleaning should be as regular and natural as the glue application itself.

By taking care of your equipment in the right way, you can reduce the risk of production stoppages and other problems that can arise due to poor maintenance.

In our endeavour to provide the market with a high-quality adhesive product, it is required that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of the equipment carefully, so that the final product is both beautiful to look at and able to withstand many years of use by the end customer.

With this post, we want to point out the importance to give your equipment the care it deserves to achieve maximum use at all levels.

The exact procedures depend on the type of machine and glue used. To achieve optimal results in both cases, Jowat offers the perfect cleaning products and in the attached manual you will find instructions for using PUR hot melt glue.

You can read more at: https://www.jowat.com/sv-SE/adhesives/cleaning-and-flushing-agents/cleaning-and-adhesive-change-of-pur-laminators/ 

If you want to talk further about the subject, you are most welcome to get in touch with:

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